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Contributors of text and image may utilize current military and civic resources that are available online.  Content suggestions should be accompanied by a source reference.

Some of the best image resources is on YouTube.  Stop the video, enlarge to full screen, use alt-printscreen to capture and then paste into MS Paint.  Crop and Save image file and then email or post to accessible online location.  Use the contact function on this website to send me link or email me photo/image or text contributions for the markers. But First - you must have a copyright release from the source.

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DoD Military Image Usage Constraints.  

In 2009, Congress passed a law which gave DoD responsibility to protect the use of the official logos of the Military Services and their subordinate Commands.  There may be a myriad of requirements and even cost associated with their use, although many are freely available and usable in a public domain.  The requirements are depicted as best as possible in the presentation at this link: DoD Image Use