Memorial Pavers

Veterans Trail Memorial Paver Program


The Sierra Vista Veterans Memorial Improvement Foundation (SVVMIF) is announcing their program to offer memorial pavers to the general public.  The memorial pavers will accomplish two objectives:

1)      Recognition of Veterans who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States

2)     Raise funds for the construction of Veterans Trail as an improvement to the Veterans Memorial

The pavers may be dedicated to Veterans or Organizations having an affiliation with the Armed Forces of the United States.

The memorial pavers and tiles can be ordered through an online purchasing and tracking service known as Bricks R Us. Their website is located at this link: .  The memorial pavers/tiles will be offered in two face sizes as described below:

4”x8”x2-1/4”  Paver (in the ground) Cost = $100.00 

8”x8”x2-1/4”  Paver (in the ground) Cost = $200.00   

4”x8”x1/2”  Tile (on the wall) Cost = $250.00

8”x8”x1/2”  Tile Cost (on the wall) = $500.00

The memorial pavers will be placed on the ground surface around the memorial monuments next to the walking path and the tiles will be installed on a vertical surface of the Honor Wall at the Assembly Plaza.

All pavers/tiles will be colored a shade of red as provided by the manufacturer.   The ½” thick tiles are for mounting on the wall encircling the flagpole patio and are therefore in a position of honor due to the contribution of the honored individual.

The 4”x8” pavers/tiles will hold up to 4 lines of inscription.  A line holds no more than 21-character positions that would include spaces.  The suggested inscription information is as follows:

Line 1. Veterans Name: First MI Last

Line 2. Rank/Rating, Unit of Assignment

Line 3. Branch of the Armed Services (abbreviated), Dates of Service or Dates of Birth and Death

Line 4. Personalized Dedication

The 8”x8” pavers/tiles will hold up to 8 lines of inscription.  Each line holds no more than 21-character positions that would include spaces.  The suggested inscription information is as shown above with additional lines for various purposes such as multiple individuals, multiple units, or other tasteful inscriptions of dedication.

Tiles with the same face dimensions as the bricks have the same limitations on inscriptions.

Logos can be added to any 8"x8" brick or tile, but carry an additional cost, and the number of characters allowed on each line is then reduced to 18 for the 8”x8” face.  Logos of Military Branches are made available for selection in the Brick Creator application on the Bricks R Us website.  These logos are the authorized version to represent a Military branch of service, as Military Seals are protected under copyright restrictions.  Other logos may be substituted for the service logos if they meet copyright restraints and are in keeping with Military service values.

An example paver inscription appears below:

Paver Arrays

2x2 cost is approximately $900

3x3 cost is approximately $2000 

Avoid all arrays in single area

An example of a paver array appears below:

Paver dedication inscriptions and images are subject to final approval by the SVVMIF.  Images or wording that are inappropriate will be remedied by direct coordination with the donor.    

Order your pavers by clicking here.

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