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The Sacrifice of Heroes

The Sacrifice of Heroes Monument

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Theme: The Sacrifice of Heroes


The Heroes among Veterans have given selflessly of their effort and their personal safety to fight for the causes of our nation and protect their brothers and sisters in harms way. The cost is often seen in graphical physical evidence, but often is also hidden beneath an exterior of calm and stone resolve.

Veterans with war-time service often display heroic caring and commitment to their mission and fellow soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines. Without this type of commitment, the military services would devolve into "everyone for himself" mentality, cowardice, and desertion. American fighters possess a unique sense of purpose and valor unsurpassed by any other nation. Honoring this sacrifice through images and dedication of words provides symbolic and heartfelt gratitude from the nation to recognize their service.

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Sacrifice of Veterans has been illustrated by many early and modern-day recipients of awards for valor. Capturing this sacrifice is often seen in their own suffering and in the suffering of their comrades who witness their suffering or loss.

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