Monument 5 

The Airmen

The Airmen Monument

Curator:  Air Force Association

Theme:  The Air Force

Background:  The Air Force, having its beginning as the United States Army's air arm and the birth of the Air Service in World War I, evolved into the Army's air combat branch between World War I and World War II.   Its tremendous organizational growth during World War II was followed after the war with various changes to cope with the establishment of a separate armed service independent of the United States Army, known now as the The United States Air Force . 

Fort Huachuca has been home to many Airmen who train and serve in the disciplines of communications and intelligence.  Performing roles as trainers and testers, they ensure the flow of qualified Airmen into the disciplines that become the eyes and ears of the military and also ensure that command and control are effective from the lowest to highest echelons. 

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