Monument 3  

   The Marines

The Marines Monument

Curator: Marine Corps League, Thunder Mountain Detachment 

Theme:  The Marines


The Marine Corps is one of the most elite fighting forces in the world. The Marines are a part of the Department of the Navy.  The Marine Corps' mission is unique among the services.  Marines serve on U.S. Navy ships, protect naval bases, guard U.S. embassies, and provide an ever-ready quick strike force to protect U.S. interests anywhere in the world.  The Marines on Fort Huachuca train to perform variety of Intelligence functions.  They also work there in multi-service or Joint positions related to communications and intelligence.  

Dedication Inscription:

In hard times, America turns to its Marines. They share an uncommon bond for a common cause. They fight until they win in the battles America must fight, for the promises that America has made and for the promise that America is. Marines remain true to their motto “Semper Fidelis” – “Always Faithful.”

Selected Monument Image Set

(images will be arranged for best depiction by professional artists - final image set will be posted upon production of the monument)

Attribution Inscription:

The United States Marine Corps

League Thunder Mountain Detachment (TMD)

of Sierra Vista proudly supports this Monument for

the Marines of this community and our nation.

This monument emphasizes the crucial role Marines

played, and continue to play in shaping our world,

with honor, courage, and commitment. The TMD Marine Corps

League contributed the images and Inscriptions for

this monument, and a donation toward its construction.