Veterans Trail

• V-shape to connect two parking areas

•Encompass Original Monument

•North side of trail for placement of Markers

•Can add benches

•Length can be extended in future if master plan requires

Incorporation of Existing Veterans Monument

The existing Veterans Monument would be incorporated into a prominent position as a foreground to the Flagpole. The following drawing provides a notional concept. A paved surface in front the pole provides better optics of ceremonies during holiday remembrances.

Creation of a focal point is being suggested with an addition of a sculpture. Several artists have expressed interested in creating a bronze sculpture that would draw attention to the center of the walkway near the flagpole. Additional input from veteran's family members indicated that an interactive sculpture, something that can be touched, would be desired as it is expressive of the Veteran's desire to serve and help others, as well as being a comfort to those who remember the Veterans who have been a part of their lives. This element of the memorial may be considered in future plans.