Monument 8

The Signal Corps

The Signal Corps Monument

Curator: NETCOM

Theme: The Signal Corps

Background: The art and science of communications between leaders and subordinates were often the critical link in the chain of success to bring victory. Communicators were those using various methods to relay messages and commands from the leaders to their subordinate elements, and by which subordinate elements provided situational awareness to their leaders. Whether by written paper messages, enciphered with invisible ink, or by high capacity radio signals with encrypted transmissions, these communications represented a key element of command and control of the military units. Many Veterans contributed to this function through their struggles to carry and maintain heavy and cumbersome equipment used for communications.

Dedication Inscription: The Veterans who operated communications equipment were often forward-deployed with special forces and intelligence gatherers. They also operated huge strategic facilities that were the backbone of the military communications infrastructure. The braved elements, heights, fatigue and operational urgency to serve our nation and its leaders sending and receiving information for decision. <to be updated>

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