Memorial Monuments

These are the themes for the monuments:

The Sacrifice of Heroes

The Soldiers

The Marines

The Sailors

The Airmen

The Coast Guardsmen

The Buffalo Soldiers

The Signal Corps

The Military Intelligence Corps

The Cavalry 

The Women Who Served

The Front Lines 

The Veterans

The Guardians

While monument images may be depicted as single images, diatych, triptych, or even a collage, the collage is more versatile in addressing a diverse set of time periods, battle campaigns or multiple themes, but would also have greater complexity for the onlooker to absorb.  Our images should portray a simple message, but resonate with the viewing public.

Monument dedication inscriptions should be well-written so that they convey the main theme of the marker without being too verbose.  Respectful of values associated with sacrifice and service, inscriptions should be inoffensive and without political slant.  Special note to the theme of those memorialized is suggested.  Our theme and background statements serve as a backdrop against which we author the dedication.

Monument curators are being sought.  Initially, the sponsorship consists of curation: the collection of images and the composition of narratives that define the theme, background and dedication inscription. 

A presentation at this link provides information and standards for monument design: CLICK HERE 

Veteran organizations may seek to sponsor a monument by contacting one of the SVVMIF officers. 

The theme of a marker focuses on a specific group or function of Veterans who served in this area of the greater Sierra Vista throughout its history.  The theme will be maintained through the title, images and inscribed dedication on the marker.

Summary of design objectives is shown in the following sample image:

The monuments will be constructed in a consistent design in terms of size, color and inscriptions.    

Color selection is Gray Granite

Gray granite is the least expensive.  It does not hold detailed images very well, but it does hold engraved text which is usually then dyed with a dark color.  We chose an option to have black granite slabs engraved and installed onto the gray granite in order to display a detailed images.  The text image on gray granite is normally done with a technique akin to sand blasting due to less density, hence the poorer detail available.

Black granite in the most expensive.  In the southern and western regions, the sun and heat causes the black granite to "boil" the water that strikes it from irrigation sources that are usually very rich in minerals (hard water), leaving behind deposits such as calcium that are detrimental to the appearance.  Getting the black granite farther off the ground is one solution to avoid the water staining.  An additional countermeasure to combat water staining might be the use of shields such as vegetation or aesthetically compatible blocking trellises.  Strategic placement of watering sprinklers could also be accomplished to minimize the exposure to ground water.  Images are usually etched with computer-guided lasers that give fantastic resolution.

Our choice of size was 

–Height 36”, Width 42”, Depth 18”

–Image space:  24” High x 36” Wide

–Inscription space:  18” High x 36” Wide

Costs of the markers includes the artwork, engraving, the base, the polished surfaces, and delivery.

See video at the hyperlinked image below titled "How images are engraved".